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What to do

Felt purse

You will need


  • Felt (2 x A4 size minumum)

  • Paper templates (see PDF attached)

  • Scissors

  • Iron/board

  • Embroidery thread (various colours)

  • Needle

  • Pins

  • Snap fastener

  • Beads or buttons

1. Use the templates provided to cut two rectangular pieces of felt. One will be slightly larger than the other.

2. Lay the smaller rectangle on top of the larget one so there is an equal margin all the way around it.

3. Fold the felt in two places (as indicated on the dotted lines in the template) and iron to secure the creases (Do not use iron directly on felt).

4. (Optional) cut around the bottom two corners so that they are rounded). Cut around the two corners that will form the lip of the purse. 

5. Note that the (slightly smaller) piece of felt on the inside will form the lining of your purse. remove this piece and set aside (keep it folded). 

6. Unfold the outer piece of felt. This is the outside of your purse. Place some pins along the creases to remind you of where they are.

7. Decorate the back face of your purse as desired (look through the gallery above to get some ideas).

10. Sew a button onto the outside lip, covering up the stitching from the fastener.


8. Place the inner and outer piece back together and refold along the creases. Starting at one of the bottom corners, use two strands of embroidery thread to sew around the edge and top of the purse. 

9. Sew the pointy half of your snap fastener to the inside lip of the purse flap.  

11. To indicate where to sew the other half of your popper. Fold the lip closed and press down so that the point half (that has just been sewn) makes an indent in the felt below. 

11. Sew the other half of the snap fastener on, using the indent as a guide of where to place it.

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