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Finger puppets

You will need


  • Felt (various colours)

  • Scissors

  • Embroidery thread (various colours)

  • Needle

  • Pins

  • Finger puppet base template, printed (see PDF attachment)


What to do

1. Cut around the base template provided. 

2. Pin the paper template onto a piece of felt and cut around it. Keep the paper template in a safe place to use next time.

3. Pin the felt cutting onto a second piece of felt and cut around it so you have two matching pieces. This is the basis of your finger puppet.

4. Cut out the other felt elements of your puppet - e.g. wings, arms, ears etc. (use one of the templates or make up your own).

5. Sew the felt features onto one of the base pieces of felt. Use embroidery thread or cotton to add finer features such as eyes or whiskers.

6. Place the front and back together and secure with a pin.

7. Sew around the edges, securing in the outer features as you go (e.g. wings, arms, ears etc.) and leaving the bottom unsewn.

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