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50 rainy day project ideas

Pick and arrange flowers

1. Make some sock puppets

2. Read a great story

4. Make a mobile

3. Make your own

memory game

5. Make some matchbox


6. Make paper dolls

7. Write an

acrostic poem

8. Paint a still


9. Make a


10. Make a bunting

12. Learn to knit

11. Make a button tree

13. Do a leaf rubbing

14. Make a terrarium

15. Have a tea party

16. Write and illustrate a story book

17. Play a boardgame

18. Make a collage

19. Invent a robot from cardboard boxes

20. Bake and decorate some cupcakes

21. Learn origami

23. Do some papier mâché

24. Make and post a greeting card

25. Make some

rock creatures

26. Decorate

an old jar

28. Pick and arrange flowers

27. Plant some seeds in old tins

29. Make some finger puppets

22. Make a


30. Bake some cookies

31. Make a kite

32. Make a friendship bracelet

34. Make some peg animals

33. Make some

         potato stamps

36. Make a paper fan

37. Make paper


35. Design a crossword

38. Do some marbling

39. Make handmade envelopes

40. Make balloon


41. Make

a pasta


42. Create a find-a-word

43. Make your own photo frames

44. Design your own

       musical instruments

45. Learn calligraphy

46. Make a jack-in-the-box

47. Do a cross-stitch

48. Do a science experiment

49. Do a symmetry painting

50. Make a treat for your neighbour

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