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Felt hand puppets

You will need


  • Felt (minimum 2 x A4 size + additional colour scraps as needed)

  • Scissors

  • Embroidery thread (various colours)

  • Needle

  • Pins

  • Hand puppet base template, printed (see PDF templates or design your own)


What to do

1. Cut out a paper template (use one of the templates provided or make your own).

2. Pin the base of the paper template onto an A4 piece of felt and cut around it.

3. Pin the felt cutting onto a second piece of felt and cut around it so you have two matching pieces. This is the basis of your puppet.

4. Cut out any other felt features (e.g. paws, eyes, spots etc.) 

5. Sew the various felt features onto one of the pieces of felt. This is the front of your puppet. Use embroidery thread to add any finer features (e.g. whiskers, claws etc.).

6. Lay this piece onto the back piece of felt and secure them together with a couple of pins. 

7. Sew around the edge of the puppet, leaving the bottom seam unsewn.

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